Well, it will be long, but useful.



Hello World!


Before we start to repeat the regular phrases our intention is to provide you a clearer vision of this topic.


MANDMS Music is a discoverer label that is dedicated to discovering new talents and sounds within a specific scope of music and supporting them by giving them a chance to release their masterpieces. This way they can introduce themselves to the audience.

Unfortunately many of you misinterpreted our purposes!

The fact that we are a discoverer label refers to the term „discover” by it’s original and classical meaning. We are the ones who are looking for new sounds and talents so we dont really want to spend time listening to more or less average quality demos.

But we also wouldn’t like to eliminate the opportunity to receive a real valuable pearl. 🙂

So we hope that now everybody hears and understands our requirements.


Thank you!


So if you still feel the force..




MANDMS principal of music:

Quality, intelligence, harmony, unique

MANDMS scope of music:

deep house – dub house – deep techno – minimal house – dark minimal – tech house – tribe tech – progressive house  – minimal techno – dub techno – ambient


what dont..:

– We ask you to do not send trendy minimal, fake minimal tracks! Those are simply not us…

– We ask you to do not send progressive/electro house wonders, there are many other labels for that.

– We ask you to do not send psy-minimal-tech alike goa demos! no comment..

– We ask you to do not send demo-links through myspace or facebook! We won’t listen to those

– We ask you to do not send the demos without a little description about you and your career. Do not sell your soul with copy paste method.

– We ask you to do not send demos in attachments! Be a little more professional please..


What to include in your demo submission:

-a short message (cover letter)

-a description about you (real name, artist name etc…)

-where do you come from

-a link to your demo pack (wetransfer, sendspace )

-if you have previous releases please indicate in your letter. ( its not necessary, but will help you out, to got signed )

-your contact e-mail address


What to include in the demo pack:

– At least 3-4-5-6 of your best quality MP3 tracks.

– In at least 320 – 256 kbps mp3 quality!

– Correct mp3 filename! artist name – title . mp3

– zip these files to one zip file and upload it to file-share page ( wetransfer or sendspace )


Thats all!


We will download an listen every single demo which was sent under these conditions! But we receive many demo submissions so please be patient and we will get back to you.


MANDMS demo mail-address:

/please do NOT send by myspace or facebook/



Good luck and may the force be with you!





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