NEW member: MOIRA Audio Recordings!

New member in our label-family!

The name is: MOIRA Audio Recordings.

At this time, we focusing on only one thing: Deep Techno.

With the first release we already got loved by Pablo Bolivar, Andrea Ferlin or Syene to name a few…

but here You go, take a listen! Will worth a bookmark instead! 




Lets Roll!

Fellowtraveller aka Dj Sylvie debut release!


Fellowtraveller – First Roll EP

1. Soul Circles

2. Pain Relief

3. Everything goes on


genre: tech house, minimal house MANDMS120

street date: 2013 July


we not really need any more, maybe some links:





Four Kind



The labelboss itself back again with a 3+1 trackers!

After 3 years, He decided, the time is here. After MMM013. MMM048, now under the “new” catalogue number: MANDMS118

oh, yeah, the tracks are here:



genre: deep house, tech house, deep techno MANDMS118

label: MANDMS Music

street date: 2013 July







Summertime Heroes…

Well, the summer is here.

And with that, everybody want to go out, instead of listen and search good music…

We tried to calm down for these hot months, but You guys do not let Us to swimm.. 🙂

So like before, we bring you music. Pretty good music.


At June we had to celebrate some goodies, so let see them:

MANDMS115 Derrickhand – Less Is More

Derrickhand from Hungary deliver Us, pretty good and unique way of minimalism.



MANDMS114 V.A. – Collab Emotions 3

Collab Emotions is our brand new mini-album series. The concept is to release interesting collaboration works.. At this time our focus on Seabiscuit and His friends!



MANDMS117 – Sunarara Lupuna – Ceremonial EP

These two South-American guy did it again! They unique way between tech house and folk music is have to be make you smile and dance on the same time.

this release isnt available yet on our bandcamp, since is exclusively available untill friday, only on Beatport.



And like as always, the latest news is the hottest news…


We are really happy and proud to celebrate our brand new child, under the name:


Yes, a brand new label just born. At this time we not really want to discover with this one.

“MOIRA Audio Recordings is an innovative electronic music label. Delivering intelligent electronic dance music to the audience on a wide range from Deep to Techno.”
Our concept: 1 original track, remixed by 1 or 2 well known producers.

demo policy: We are not accepting demos.

On the first release we bring you 2 absolutely “hype-name” and an up and coming one as well.

Since this label didnt released anything, we need you to show your love! I would love to ask all of you, to check out our stuff out there and if you like what you found, then just hit the follow button, anywhere you can. 🙂

and here it is the first release:

MOIRA001 – definitelyBAD – DNA Remixes

Always the first release is the historical one, because its always the biggest milestone of every recordlabel. I mean the sound of course.

So We are happy to announce, the first previews from Moira Audio Recordings.

definitelyBAD – DNA Remixes
remixed by:
Plusculaar / Esemtrax, Sleep Is Commercial, Enough Music
Riccicomoto / Lucidflow, Permanent Damages, Ready Mix

01. DNA – Original
02. DNA – Plusculaar Seriously Delirious Remix
03. DNA – Riccicomoto’s Boogie Dub Session

genre: deep techno
label: MOIRA Audio Recordings MOIRA001
mastered by: MANDMS Studio
artwork by: Krisztian Kiss
distributed by: Proton Records / Soundsystem

expected release date: end of August 2013

The dark cathedrals

Mordred is back with a solid threetracker.

After his succesful release on Divided Records, He is come back to his homeground. And He is going on a pretty serious way.


MANDMS109 – Mordred – Cathedral EP


1. Cathedral of Despair

2. Cathedral of Hope !!!

3. Cathdral of Pain


genre: dark minimal

street date: 2013 June

label: MANDMS Music MANDMS109






The key and The ghost

It would be good title for a tale, but at this time, is a title of 2 “tale” to be correct. 🙂

Tommy Young – The Key EP

solid deep house pearls. We not really need anything else to describe Tom’s debut!

title: The Key EP


1. Leave Me Alone

2. Submission

genre: deep house MANDMS105

street date: 2013 Februar



And there is a pretty cool EP, from the Mad Scientist itself: Hideyoshi from Tokyo on MANDMS!

He deliver to Us, 2 really useful minimal track to check out why every Japanese have that own sound…


title: The Ghost EP


1. Google Map

2. Ghostrider

genre: minimal MANDMS106

street date: 2013 Februar



you can get it on Beatport