Before 085…

Well Our official name, wasn’t MANDMS from the beginning.

We just changed from the original at 2012 May.

Because the main concept for the name was: Minimal and Melodies Music.

It means (to Us) M & Ms Music. 🙂

And then at 2007 October born the motherlabel: Minimal and Melodies Music

We was really happy with that name, because minimal is already one of our main sounds but, after soo many “trendy” minimal demoletters from around the globe (what never was to close to MANDMS)…

And together with the proved truth, we are more close to deep, deeper sounds then to simple boom boom stuff, we realized that,

The Time is here to change our name!
But because our history is still is our history and everything is the same like before (except the name of our beloved label ) so we just kept the catalogue numbers keep growing.

So all of the releases from MMM001 to MMM085 is still available at the labelname: Minimal and Melodies Music too

AND already available on the new name also.

Thank you, to read this!