Golden Series

Out Now!

our first ever made mix CD is just out now! 🙂
continuous label-mix-cd series.

V.A. – Golden Series 1.
compiled and mixed by: Khristian K
digital version: continuous dj mix + unmixed track.
physical version: tracked continuous dj mix on CD + booklet + coupon to download digital version + cover artworks of the included tracks + goodies

limited 100 CD only!Available on our official Bandcamp page.

“I thought it was much easier to collect my favourites in a mix, but not, it wasn’t. I spent months at first to collect the best ones, then to make a playable list out of that bunch of tracks…

To be honest, not these are my favourites on my labels, but almost.. So, to fix myself: These tracks the most playable and enjoyable ones at the moment for my personal tastes. from very-deep-house to deeptechno.

Thanks to all of you out there, to be! To make this really big thing happen, and help Us, to make it bigger!!

enjoy the trip!


available from:
digitally: 26th of April,
physically: 29th of April


MIX // Khristian K – This Is Fashion Mix

“This is my summer mix for 2012.

included tracks from: Goldmund, Khristian K, Specdub, Salz, Ohmikron, Dezur, Lulu Rouge, Fluxion, Trentemoller, Rod Modell, Sylvie and Khristian K, Tennis, Aura Fresh, Pablo Bolivar, Jichael Mackson, Lichen and Zuzmo and Massive Attack.”