the password: Hungarian Dub Tales

“Well, after so many releases only once we stop discovering and take some focus on our beloved style and country:

Dub Techno from Hungary!”

And because We stopped, we just did a limited CD release together with the usual digital side. Not too much, just only 100 copies…

And the result?

You can listen here on soundcloud:

And if you still in love with this one, then you can order your copy here on our bandcamp.

Or you can buy digitally here on Whatpeopleplay.

or You can use “the huge green monster” to get it.

Preview from the next compilation..



We are happy to announce our brand new compilation, with only Hungarian dubtechno acts.

Various Artists – Hungarian Dub Tales

2. Khristian K – Summer Storm
3. Krisz Deak – Before Restarting
4. Kristoban – Ninth Camp
5. Specdub – Blue Forest
6. Dezur – Synthetic Light
7. Aura Fresh – Oceanarium
8. Banyek – Fixiert
9. Zoltan Solomon – Cuted
10. Angebot – Press Over What You Want
11. Wavebreakers – Reunite

Will be available on digital and on limited CDs.

digital release date: 2012 November 2.
CD release date: 2012 November 17.

pre-sales soon!